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NOVEMBER 8, 2020


I'm the go-to girl for people, internationally, who want to be a healthy partner and have one, too! 

Sober Dating means to think thoughts, feel feelings and take actions that make you feel good about yourself. 

Does this sound like you...


  • You're sober or have a great relationship with alcohol?

  • You consider yourself spiritual or "kinda" spiritual?

  • You're focusing on yourself so you can feel more confident in all aspects of your life, especially love?

How about any of these...

  • you've jumped into relationships quickly only to feel needy, anxious and lonely?

  • you've experienced anxiety/overthinking when it comes to others opinions of you?

  • you've tried harder hoping they’ll love you and then everything would be perfect?

  • you've put others needs before you're own and it made you feel overwhelmed and confused?

  • you've questioned whether you're repeating unhealthy patterns you saw your parents display growing up?


You've had enough of this sh*t! You're ready to live a life you love (with someone you love) and you're ready to learn how to be more confident.


Here are 3 ways to get started...

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Dating or Getting Ready to...

Got those pre-date jitters? 


If you're anything like me, it's hard to tell if that's anxiety or excitement you're feeling! 

Set yourself up to feel good, whether you're texting or going out with them, with my Pre-date Checklist for Ultimate Success! Click the button below to snag your gift!

3 ways to work with Katie 

Are you excited to see how you'll transform your love life?

Coaching with Katie

Do you prefer 1-to-1? Want to take time off from dating to focus on yourself then attract people in your life who light you up?


Supportive Learning 

Do you prefer to go at your own pace?

Want to build your confidence, get guidance on how to just be you in a new relationship?

Group of Trusted Friends

Do you prefer making new friends?

Want to surround yourself with like-minded people who value feeling more confident and learning how to love again? 

Not sure which one the best fit for you?

Just fill out the CONTACT FORM and Katie will be in touch!



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