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You know those anxious feelings that set in before you go out with someone new? Turn them into excitement.

Show up feeling like a badass! Download my FREE Pre-date Checklist and set yourself up for dating success!

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Are you a smart, successful womxn who has your life together, but can't seem to figure out why you keep attracting the wrong ones?

If you're also the kind of womxn who...


  • will take a 6-8 week break from dating to prepare to attract a high-quality partner

  • feels that love is the #1 thing missing in your life

  • values and prioritizes learning and growing

Then, you're in the right place!


We help you get the results you crave – attracting a love where the chemistry is as strong as the connection with someone who treats you the way you want to be treated – by teaching you a proven method to date differently that will make love last. 

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Let's keep it real, shall we? What you've tried so far hasn't been working. It's not your fault - society's advice about dating and love can really mess with your head causing unnecessary confusion and anxiety. That's where I come in. I help you increase your confidence, built a customized dating plan, and teach you how to attract a high-quality relationship.


With 3 simple steps over 16 weeks!

Know Where You're At So You Can Know Where You Need to Go

I help you break unhealthy patterns by making subtle shifts that strengthen your confidence and build your foundation to attract healthy, happy relationships.


Align Your Values and Needs to Trust, Again

Your #1 priority is learning how to trust yourself then others. When you know what you want and why, every decision you make will get you one step closer to trusting someone else with your heart, again.

Show Up As Your Best Self

I will teach you our proven method to date successfully by learning how to leverage your past experiences to clearly communicate your needs and attract a committed, loving relationship.

Will You Have The Same Success?

Hear directly from other high-achieving womxn...



The coping skill I learned for moments of stress and how to adjust my behavior so I’m not obsessing about what I did wrong was a big ah-ha moment!



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