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You know those anxious feelings that set in before you go out with someone new? Turn them into excitement.

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Are you tired of relationships ending or confused why you keep attracting the wrong people?

In the past, have you found yourself...


  • thinking everyone is a potential spouse?

  • being sexual too soon?

  • anxious when you don't hear from them?

  • fantasizing what you think it'll be vs. what it is?

  • ignoring red flags you thought would change?


Shaking your head yes to some or all of these, like I am? Then, you're in the right place!


My team and I help you...

  • trust yourself by setting & keeping boundaries while practicing how to spot red flags

  • learn how to trust others again while feeling safe, heard, & understood

  • attract the right person, when you're ready to let love into your life, & date differently to make it last. 

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Let's keep it real, shall we?

What you've tried so far to let love into your life hasn't been working.
It's not your fault - society's advice about dating and love can really mess with your head causing unnecessary confusion and anxiety.

I used to feel the same way you are - frustrated with dating and totally in my head about whether it was me or them.

That's where my team and I will help.
We show you how to reconnect with yourself so you can trust your intuition and be able to confidently, spot red flags while setting and keep boundaries in your love life. Then, we teach you how to date differently to attract the right person you can trust, without overthinking or anxiety getting in your way.

With 3 simple steps over 3 months!

Why am I attracting the wrong people?
Show me how to spot red flags, quickly, by looking at who I used to be attracted to so I can set & keep better boundaries today.


How do I trust myself & others, again?

Teach me how to make decisions that'll help me reconnect with myself so I can trust someone else with my heart, again.

What can I do differently to choose the right person?

I'm ready to find a healthy & happy relationship & want to learn how to feel secure & confident without losing myself or being in my head.

Will You Have The Same Success?

Hear directly from other women just like you...



The coping skill I learned for moments of stress and how to adjust my behavior so I’m not obsessing about what I did wrong was a big ah-ha moment!