How to Heal Your Heart After a Breakup
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You know those anxious feelings that set in before you go out with someone new? Turn them into excitement.

Show up feeling like a badass! Download my FREE Pre-date Checklist and set yourself up for dating success!


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It's time to start living like you can have what you want - a career and love life you're wildly passionate about. 

Are you ready to...Do you want to believe in yourself, let love in, and surround yourself with inspiring mentors and peers, who feel like friends, who are all about this energy. Are you ready to:


  • believe in yourself to make dreams come true?

  • let love in because you desire to be in love?

  • surround yourself with mentors and peers, who feel like friends, who are creating businesses that gives them purpose?


Getting support within a safe safe is the first step.


My team and I help you...

  • attract the right person, when you're ready to let love into your life & learn how to date differently to make it last.

  • create a business that gives you the time & money to do what you love with who you love

  • become the CEO of your emotions so you can overcome loneliness while having more love & happiness in your life. 

Ready to start acting like you can have you want?


You've worked on yourself and are ready to take it to the next level

Create a Biz
You'll learn how to create a business that you're wildly passionate about and that gives you more time and money than you dreamed was possible. Click here to Create a Biz.

Let Love In
You'll learn how to productively focus on yourself in preparation to attract the right people into your life by recreating the stories you've told yourself about love. Click here to Let Love In.

Here's how to Let Love In:

Who you've attracted?
Understanding who you've been attracted to, why & how you've shown up in these relationships will make your jaw drop & help you spot red flags quicker in the future


What you want and why

Making choices that feel best to you and strengthen your intuition so you can trust someone with your heart again

Attract emotionally available people

Learn how to date differently by asking important questions, setting & keeping better boundaries & having more fun

Will You Have The Same Success?

Hear directly from other women just like you...



The coping skill I learned for moments of stress and how to adjust my behavior so I’m not obsessing about what I did wrong was a big ah-ha moment!