Ready to Date?

Ready to confidently date?


Ready to Date

It's time to date with confidence and ease.  This virtual, 5 week group coaching program will prepare you every step of the way as you begin to meet people who organically, bring out the BEST in you, not the stressed in you!

The Best Dating Advice

This self paced course will walk you, step by step, through the dating process - from being a healthy partner to manifesting the love you want & deserve.  You'll get immediate, lifetime access to more than 20 video trainings, plus workbooks and journal prompts plus three BONUS trainings including my popular 3 steps to overcoming anxiety.

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Breakthrough Session

Just the two of us, on a private call, breaking through road blocks around sex, love, money or business.  You'll feel an immense amount of relief and support after we put a short and long-term plan, together.