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Let Love In Mastermind

A 12 week group coaching program for the woman who is ready to stop overthinking, start feeling your feelings, and finally focus on yourself. If you've recently ended a relationship or you've been single for a while, but you want to take some time off from dating to understand why you keep attracting the wrong people, then this is for you.  Together, with a group of women who have walked in your shoes, you will learn to trust yourself, release old patterns, and set healthy boundaries in other areas of your life, so you can let love in before you date again.

How To Date

The second step on your journey to practicing how to date and learn to spot a healthy and happy partner and be one, too.  Completion of the Let Love In Mastermind is a prerequisite for joining.  In How To Date, you'll build off the tools you learned in Let Love In to find the partner you've dreamed about - while also feeling confident in your newfound ability to set boundaries, recognize red flags, and effectively communicate your needs.

Create a Biz

If you've dreamed of being a coach or running your own online business, this is the place to be to dream it up and make it happen! I'll help you ditch the feelings of frustration, doubt, and overwhelm that comes when you're trying to start and You’ll be joined by other high-achieving women, as you build trust within yourself and learn how to become a CEO. Get ready to prepare to let business in, baby!

Overcome Your Loneliness

This mini digital course is jam-packed with easy, actionable tips on how to stop feeling so lonely, especially when you're starting over after that last relationship didn't go as planned. I'll share with you ways to overcome your loneliness, right when it first hits, so that you can give yourself what you need to feel better. Bonuses include EFT tapping and a 30-minute training on How to Get Over Your Ex.