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Learn more about the programs that we offer:

Let Love In Mastermind

Our signature dating and relationship coaching program.  If you're tired of relationships ending, or you're worried that you won't ever be able to find "the one", or you're still obsessively stalking your ex on socials (no judgment, we've been there!) then this mastermind is for you.  Together, with a group of womxn who have walked in your shoes, you will learn to trust yourself, release old patterns, and create a personalized dating plan so that you will FINALLY be ready to let love in.

Attraction: The Mastermind

In this high-level business coaching container, we will help you ditch the feelings of frustration that come with owning an online business.  You’ll be joined by other high-achieving womxn, as you build trust within yourself and learn how to become a CEO. Get ready to prepare to let business in, baby!

Trust Your Intuition

Trust Your Intuition is our #1 self-paced online course. This course includes over 40 videos, workbooks, and journal prompts.  It covers our top strategies for attracting healthy love and cultivating your ideal future. If you're not ready for the investment of one of our Masterminds, Trust Your Intuition is a great place to start!

Overcome Your Loneliness

This mini course is jam packed with easy, actionable tips on how to stop feeling so lonely. Katie will share with you ways to overcome your loneliness, right when it first hits so that you can give yourself what you need to feel better. Bonuses include: EFT tappingand a 30 minute training on How to Get Over Your Ex.