I'm a Love Addiction coach helping women who wonder if love should really be this hard.

Have you found yourself...

  • Feeling like you have to be chosen rather than choosing if you want to be with them?

  • Sabotaging a potential healthy relationship?

  • Focusing on work or a vacation rather than your feelings of self-doubt and loneliness?

  • Wondering if something is wrong with you?


I'll teach you the steps to take to make love easy.


Let's overcome the frustration, resentment, and shame you're feeling by teaching you how to rebuild your confidence, practice awareness, and increase your self-care.


Are you ready for your relationships to magnify the happiness you'll feel within yourself, in a matter of months?

Hey girl, 

With your Free Coaching Session, I've included a video where you'll learn practical tools to help you feel more loved:


- Increase your Confidence to Attract What You Want

- Release Resentments and Receive Love

- Have Faith No Matter What to Let it Be Easy

BONUS: Feelings of Love & Happiness...For Sure!!

How to Get "Good at Love"

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