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I'm the go-to girl for sober people who want to be a healthy partner and have one, too!


Does this sound like you...


You two were talking a bunch and then they just stopped texting as much.


You're wondering why do you keep attracting people into your life like this so you took a break from dating?

How about any of these...

  • you've jumped into a relationship quickly only to feel needy, anxious and lonely?

  • you thought if you tried harder then they’ll love you and everything would be perfect?

  • you found that your friends don't seem to understand that your obsession with love felt like it was all you could think you, at times?

  • you've questioned whether you're repeating unhealthy patterns you saw your parents display growing up?


Are you trying not to go back there again and instead, just wanting love to be easy?


Here's 3 ways to get started...

Hey Hey, 

Got those pre-date jitters? 


If you're anything like me, it's hard to tell if that's anxiety or excitement you're feeling! 


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Here's 3 Ways You Can Get Good at Love

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Supportive Learning 

Want the best trainings to increase your confidence? Great for you if you are taking time off of dating or are in a relationship!

Group of Trusted Friends

Looking to surround yourself with like-minded women to create lasting self-love and acceptance within yourself and your love life?



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