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I didn't grow up being “good at love,” so I became addicted to love. I wasn't taught that my feelings mattered, as a kid, which lead me to seek companionship, jump into relationships quickly, then control when I doubted if I was being chosen.


Most of my relationships sparked uncertainty early on, which only made me try harder because I felt unfulfilled and questioned if I'd sabotage my chances.


This was a destructive pattern until I decided to ask for help.

I'm happy to say I've reduced the doubts and now, I teach you how to focus on yourself and transform the way you feel about dating & relationships to attract the right people in your life.

Four Things to know about me

I live in Portsmouth, NH! I'm a beach babe at heart and am traveling out to California for the winter!

I love 1990's/early 2000's Hip Hop music! Whether it's in person or over Zoom, I'm always busting a move!

My birthday is June 15th and I'm as Gemini as they come - creative, indecisive, and adventurous.

I'm an Enneagram 7. My love languages are quality time & physical touch. (Is traveling a love language?)


Jackie Tempera

Katie has a great way of empowering people to chase their dreams, and reminding you that it gets to be easy. 

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Sarah Yudkin

In the span of 6 months, I went from doubting myself to stepping into my role as a coach. I went from having no clients to working with 16 clients throughout my time with Katie.

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Emily Wiswell

There's so much to be said for having a support system...knowing that I can go somewhere for advice without shame, frees me up to do all the amazing things I was meant to do in this life.