Most of my friends call me KG or KatieGrimes (one word!)


4 Things you might not know about me: 

  • I love Hip Hop music (1990's-2000's are my JAM)

  • I'm a really good dancer.  Like, really good. 

  • I recently moved to Portsmouth, NH. 

  • I'm the go-to girl for sober people who want to be a healthy partner, and attract one, too!

Before I worked with a mentor to create happiness in my love life, I used to say things like:

  • Why do I keep attracting the wrong people?

  • Are all the good ones taken?

  • Maybe something’s wrong with me?


I felt like I was addicted to finding the one, the way that some are addicted to alcohol so I stopped drinking and while getting sober certainly helped with my anxiety, I realized I had to get “sober” in my love life because my beliefs about myself and how I was dating were causing my problems.

Maybe you can relate to this, too? 

  • jumping into relationships quickly then feeling needy, anxious or lonely?

  • trying to get attention from others and caring more about what they think?

  • setting boundaries than breaking them to avoid “feeling bad?”

Imagine you’ve been taught how to “sober date” and now, you’re like me...


  • You feel a level of peace and comfort, after you've had sex, where you know they are into you as much as you're into them.

  • You're exclusively dating someone where the chemistry and connection is easy and effortless.

  • You accept yourself and trust others more. You've learned to care less about what others think of you because your opinion of yourself is what matters most.


You know a relationship doesn’t define you or your happiness, but you're ready to peacefully, cozy up on your couch feeling comfortable that there's no more chasing or questioning where you stand with them.

In my experience as a sober dating coach, I’ve had countless clients; high-achievers, just like you; go from feeling lonely and tired of attracting the wrong ones to having fun adventures, lots of laughs and great sex where they are treated the way they want to be treated.



“Lots of epiphanies and aha! moments” 

—  G.W.