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Dear Anxiety...

You make us believe that something is wrong with us. That we're not enough or we'll feel pain and experience more loss, sadness, and confusion. We know this feeling because we've felt it before.⁠

When you're there, we frantically do anything to get you to leave because when you're gone, we're able to see clearly what our hearts want. We know you'll come again and while we can't avoid you, we can welcome you next time with open arms and greet you like a guest in our home: ⁠

What can I get you?⁠

Sure, we want both of us to be comfortable while you are visiting so we give you what you ask for: love, attention, and stillness to care for those parts of us that still feel wounded.

The dark comes now and again, but the light always shines through.⁠

Here are some helpful ways I overcome anxiety:

  1. Write my anxiety a letter: What does it want? How does it feel? What's underneath it and how does it want to feel and be?

  2. Share the letter: calling a safe and trust person in my support network (coach, sponsor, friend, etc.) so I can process what came up (I usually call my coach and sponsor). Sharing honestly and openly with everything that feels up!

  3. Check-in: the next day, I schedule time to check-in with my feelings again through my journal, a meditation or a call (usually all three) and see what else has come up.

  4. BODY BONUS: I usually try to gently move my body (not talking Soucycle) but some type of exercise that won't fatigue my adrenals like a walk, yoga, or stretching)

What do you feel like your anxiety is trying to tell you?

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