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How Men are key to Women's Groups

With a lot of effort to create women's groups in the workplace, many men have asked me for ways to support and get involved.

"If you don't invite us, how can we know what the issues are that are bothering you? How can we support as well as change our own behavior when we don't know what you're facing? We'd like to be invited."

What a GREAT response!

I was recently asked by 2 people how did I co-create WWIRE: wellness for women in Real Estate. What started out as a way for women to build trusted relationships, create more balance by working out, and increase sales for our respective companies; it quickly turned into men asking to join for the same reasons.

Here are the 5 strategies for a successful women's group in your workplace and how men can help support, encourage & get involved:

  1. Consistent Schedule

  2. Communication is Key

  3. Creative Offerings

  4. Diversity & Inclusion

  5. Gratitude

Let's shed some light. Shall we...

Consistent Schedule

  • Choose when you're meeting & how often.

  • Publish the schedule & keep it consistent.

  • Ex: 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month at Everybody Fights from 4-5:30p.

Communication is Key

  • Advertise & invite via email within your workplace and on social media, it'll attract current and future employees & clients.

  • Hot tip!! Using pictures with a link for attendees to register grabs their attention.

  • Ex: if you're a male leader, great way to stay engaged is to keep your women's events on your schedule and bring it up in conversation with your female teammates. "Are you heading to [insert event name]? What's your favorite part of the event?"

Creative Offerings

  • What are your employee's pain points? Over-worked, over-tired, or overwhelmed?

  • Offer creative emotional fitness classes as well as physical fitness options so you can play to both sides of what your team needs to feel better and perform better.

  • Ex: WWIRE invited our favorite DJ to spins the 1's and 2's at every event. It was such an amazing addition to create a dynamic and memorable experience that kept our community coming back for more...not to mention a few dance breaks. (Julie Nasser!)

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Research shows that when your leaders engage in these types of events, they will succeed.

  • Let me repeat that...if you show up, your employees will show up because they see that you value your own well-being and they will perceive that you truly value theirs as well.

  • Ex: Offer co-ed events every quarter so your male peers can join in on the fun.


  • After each event, find an authentic way to thank your employees for showing up.

  • People want to be appreciated and know their precious time was valued.

  • For example: I'd write an unique email to the attendees each and every event; capturing a funny moment or my favorite song that came on and reminding them of when the next event was and asking them to email their favorite song to play at the next one.

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