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Love your Life

Hi ladies, as you know the Heart Followers isn't just for single women, but this post is! Feel free to forward to a single friend, who may need to hear this...

After one failed relationship after another, blaming them, distracting myself by flirting with another one to soothe my discomfort and loneliness, I had had enough. I really wanted to be in a healthy and happy relationship, but no matter what I wore, what I said, what I seemed that I was unhappy and unhealthy in every one. Life changed when I realized I was addicted to love and addicted to the idea of what love was. I thought someone else could love me, see me for who I am and that would make me feel happy.

I finally got help working with like-minded women who wanted to be healthy and happy and who wanted to try different thoughts and behaviors to find love. Still hoping I would meet someone, but what I found was that I began to love myself; the fucking irony huh?! and what happened from there was good friends started calling more, I started attracting guys who treated me the way I wanted to be treated and I started to heal some stuff and people I really needed to let go of...I ended up finding love with that hottie on the bike, but that actually didn't matter to me anymore, what mattered ended up being this... I'd summarize it with 3 different words: WE BELIEVE ACTION I began to get help working with other women (WE) who wanted the same things; to change their obsessive thoughts, fantasies and behaviors around relationships with themselves, lovers, family, and friends and I started to BELIEVE in a higher power/God/Universe to help me different ACTIONS with others not because I couldn't do it alone, but because I realized I didn't have to...when it came to finding the kind of love for myself that I had been hoping someone else would give me. If this sounds like you then apply to join my LOVE YOUR LIFE masterclass starting Wednesdays, January 8th from 6:30-8p ET until February 12th. I'm taking 6 single women, of all sexual orientations, through a 6 week journey to build that kind of love that they want from others. Everything is online so you can do it from the comfort of your home. Some of them will date, others will continue to take time off, the common denominator is that we believe we can do something different and love ourselves and our lives. Hop on it! (see what I did there)...

there are only 3 spots available and enrollment closes on January 6th at 11pm ET. Click here to enroll: If you have questions then click here:

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