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The LAST time I chose not to trust my intuition, I ended up in the hospital.⁠

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Incurring over $26,750 in medical bills, 3 visits to police stations, 5 courtroom appearances, went on disability leave, lost a job, had a 17 year friendship end via text. Let's summarize in 2 words, shall we?⁠


I cried a lot of tears learning how to strengthen my intuition since then and wondering how the hell did I choose to go away for a weekend that still leaves me unable to do normal day to day things like:⁠

  • being startled by an email chime from someone's phone.⁠

  • attending a movie or concert without having to leave.⁠

  • seeing the make and model of "his" car without sweating through my clothes and nearly pulling over from the panic.⁠

  • flinching from my boyfriend when he reaches for me when I don't expect it.⁠

While our experiences of the times we didn't trust our intuition may be different, the feelings of shame, doubt, and guilt linger even as time has passed because we likely considered who else we'd disappoint when we made our decision, instead of keeping the focus on ourselves. ⁠

Everything has changed since February 2018 and that includes never disappointing myself, again.⁠

For a full run down on all the incredible things that have happened as a result of following my intuition since and how to surround yourself with others who only do things that feel good, join us Wed, 2/26 @ 3:30p for a masterclass on TRUSTING YOUR INTUITION.⁠

Can't join and want to watch the replay and score the bonus at the end of the masterclass?⁠ RSVP HERE

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