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There's no Good or Bad only...

This week in the Anything for Love podcast, Gina Ward, Founder of Grit & Heart Yoga Studio and Shift2Lead, a yoga teacher coaching business. We're talking about how to stay connected to ourselves and others through our feelings. A powerful conversation about the beauty behind sharing vulnerably without oversharing with the reminder that the quieter we become, the more we hear. Often, we want to have all the answers today - to know with certainty what will happen next for fear of something bad happening. Have a listen and see what resonates with you. 3 parts that jumped out at me:

  1. There's no Why and How only What, Where and Who

  2. When we set aside feeling special or different from others, we find something we all deeply need and want

  3. The quieter we become the more we hear

Tune into Anything for Love to hear Gina's take on why she believes there's no good or bad only...

C'mon've got to tune in to her what she says and how to work closely with this powerhouse. A must listen for the yogi enthusiast, the wanna be a yogi at heart, and everyone in between.

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