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What Marriage Doesn't Solve


We often think if we find the one we'll be happy, but we expect them to be our lover, best friend, therapist, travel companion, etc.

We hear "thank god I don't have to deal with that" from our married friends - but they are.

They are dating - only they are sharing the bills, sleeping in the same house everyday, etc.

Loneliness still plagues many of us, even when we're with someone and we keep busy to avoid it. How do you learn to have fun, live life, and attract what you want into your dating life?

By sitting quietly, listening to your intuition and get clear on what marriage means to you.

I love to share with a max of 3 people who are safe and trusted people so I can then go out and practice. Yep, date and do it well...and mess up, which I totally do!

Only this time I'm practicing with a pause because know I know what I need and want and it's clear I'm calling that into my life.

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