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Asking for Permission

On this week’s episode of the Anything For Love Podcast, Katie interviews Bri Silvio, Vibe Curator and Founder of Elevated Impressions, about how to have a successful partnership.

I've seen first hand how thoughtful and intentional her and her husband are about making their relationship work well. It inspired me to make a significant change in my life, after meeting them.

[peep the podcast to learn what that was HERE]

Hear how her journey evolved from her being so hard on herself and believing that those who loved her were actually saying: "Yah, I love her, but..." to learning how to love herself more and 3 simple exercises she practiced.

1. Saying I love you to herself.

2. Acknowledging the voice she was giving to relationships was actually her own.

3. Asking permission for a re-do when something she says hurts her spouse so she can be the partner she wants to be.

Bri is someone I call a friend and I'm privileged she shared her real and relatable journey towards loving herself in an effort to love others, more effortlessly. Through her business, Elevated Impressions, she recently spread this love throughout her community with her initiative, “Kindness Isn’t Cancelled”– she requested a small donation and delivered "bags of sunshine” to local children. These were, very simply, bags of balloons (because who can play with a balloon and NOT smile?!) and 100% of the proceeds were donated to nurses at a local hospital, as a thank you for continuing to care for our community! To learn more about Bags of Sunshine visit her at Elevated Impressions!

Bri will also be featured on my Trust Your Intuition course - trust me, you won't want to miss it!

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