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Deciding What You Want

Don't let her calm confidence foul you, this Manifesting Queen is a powerhouse in the world of manifesting money and a business you dream of. Her solutions are simple, strategic and effect to get what you desire. Her tip: Decide What You Want!

On Anything for Love this week, Bri Mosher and I talk about how to take full responsibility for your life while letting everything you want come easily and effortlessly to you (skeptics unite...don't roll your eyes just yet). Bri teaches us Law of Attraction 101 and the eerie similarities between money and relationships that will have you feeling confident in both areas of your life to take inspired action and get the results you're looking for.

I love Bri's attitude of "I'll go first" when it comes to achieving big goals, big dreams and big results!

Have a listen. Rate and Review and we'll see ya on Instagram. Tag us in the episode you listened to you (@kg.katiegrimes and @buildingbri) and we'll give you a shout out!

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