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Healing a Broken Heart

This week in the Anything for Love podcast, Natalie Puglisi, friend, business best friend and lawyer to the best and brightest female entrepreneurs shared her journey of healing a broken heart. When fear, doubt and heart-ache become our everyday life, we anticipate more bad shit is going to happen. In this episode, Natalie and I talk about the irrational fantasies that took over our thoughts and beliefs when shit hit the fan for us and one solution that surprised us both... Have a listen and see what resonates with you.

Tune into Anything for Love and connect with Natalie on all this business, motherhood, and just a straight up relatable soul here.

What if I told you in 3 months, you could feel happier than you feel today, but you had to take 1 step to get there? Would you do it?

  • to build a safe and trusted support system around you?

  • to learn how to choose the right person?

  • to no longer give into your loneliness or the need to be needed?

My intention is for you have the healthiest and happiest relationship possible with yourself and with others.

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