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How do you avoid making a bad decision?⁠

When you TRUST you BELIEVE. When you BELIEVE you SUCCEED. I just came up with that -that's some good sh*t.⁠

You do that by knowing with certainty that you're not relying on the person you're dating to be everything to you. You communicate clearly and calmly what you need and want from a loving, committed relationship. If something doesn't feel good, you address it with your partner without holding a grudge, giving them the silent treatment, or lashing out in anger.⁠

You enjoy time together and apart without feeling guilty. Admiring your independence and ability to have fun when you're with them and without.⁠

You have the ability to understand something immediately, without the flopping back and forth between what if's. You make clear decisions with certainty.⁠

Like the decision to join the other women registered for the TRUSTING YOUR INTUITION masterclass this Wed, 2/26. 3 days away from a 60 minute workshop where I dive deep into making decisions that make you feel good about yourself. Such practical tips for dating, career, you name it.⁠

The call will be recorded for those who can't make it. Must register to be sent the replay. RSVP HERE.

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