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How I Transformed my Life

This is me and I look as tired as I felt (and it ain't the run up all those stairs, I had just done).

I always felt so tired and confused when I was in a relationship:

Even when we were first dating:

  • Should I sleep with them now?

  • Should I hold out even though I was into them? I don't want to come across like a prude.

  • Are we exclusive or are they dating other people? How do I ask without coming across crazy?

I had tried to do it myself:

  • Talking to friends for hours on end about the same shit

  • Reading books that would help me tap into my spirit guides or how men love bitches

  • Throwing myself into working more hours or losing interest altogether in dating.

Are you thinking you don’t want to start over while believing something’s got to change?

  • You flirted/slept with them because it felt good to know they thought you were hot.

  • Thought you hadn't heard from them because you said or did something, only to find out they were just busy, but were they?

  • Flirted with the one who was already taken.

  • Tired of not being chosen

  • Tired of feeling like something is wrong with you.

  • Tired of changing what you say, wear or eat to appear more attractive

  • Tired of being tired

When I stopped trying to find the one, asked for help and practice new thoughts and beliefs about myself... I found myself. Changing my thoughts & actions gave me the permission to walk through my confusion with clarity.

  • I stopped waiting to be chosen and chose me.

  • I felt the feelings of what it’d feel like to be in love, how the obsession with being in love impacted me

  • Acknowledged the fear I didn’t want to get hurt again.

  • I became healthier and happier in all aspects of my life.

I know you may be losing hope. Remember, we were put on this earth to love and be loved and you don’t have to do it alone. Let me help you. I coach women by helping them to reprogram their beliefs around themselves to help them make better decisions when it comes to love and life. I'll teach you everything I've learned when it comes to changing the relationship with yourself, stop obsessing over when he was going to call and moving on from the fantasy of what life could have been life. If you're willing to get the kind of life you've been dreaming of, schedule time with me to apply for your spot in the Love your Life online group program. Enrollment closes on Monday, March 16th!

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