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How to Crush Any Goal!

Here's my go-to guide for accomplishing goals:

  1. Make a list of what you'd like to happen this month/year.

  2. Write down next to each why do you want to accomplish each? I ask myself Why 5 times. See below as to Why!

  3. Break down each goal into quarters of the year to figure out when & what needs to happen in prep.

  4. Feel the feelings of what it'd feel like to achieve that specific goal. Having trouble naming those feelings? This is my go to!

  5. Call my coach to review all that's coming up for me and what beliefs do I need to strengthen.

The Why behind goal-setting, which I learned this here:

Take a goal and write down why do you want to accomplish that goal 5 times.

Goal: I want to generate $350,000 in revenue in my first year of business.

  1. Why: Because I want to put 1/4 towards growing my digital courses, a 1/4 towards buying a home, a 1/4 towards personal growth, and 1/4 towards growing my net worth.

  2. Why: Because investing in myself and all that I desire is important to me.

  3. Why: Because I don't ever want to get to a place where I can't afford to do what I love, with who I love.

  4. Because growing up, I was always told we couldn't afford it then my mom would work more and be around less. I wanted her around.

  5. I want to spend my time with the people I love and have money allow for limitless opportunities rather than limit us.

Need another example?

Goal: I want to be happy in a loving, committed relationship

  1. Why: I want to spend time doing the things I love, with the people I love. I want to build a family.

  2. Why: Because I enjoy the feeling of being in love and around people I love.

  3. Why: Because it makes me feel good because I didn't feel loved as a kid.

  4. Why: I felt like something was wrong with me; that's why people made fun of me or why my parents weren't together.

  5. Why: I want to feel safe and loved where trust, communication and commitment drive us to be happy, as individuals, and together, as a family.

You catch my drift? When you select what you want and understand your why, how you go about getting it becomes easier.

Here's another tip I learned from Tony Robbins:

We all have potential. We can take massive action that nets results, but if we don't have the belief we can...none of it (potential, action and results) will matter.

Work on strengthening your emotional fitness, as much as you do your physical. What you believe & feel matters.

Need more tips on strengthening your beliefs. Schedule time with me here. It's free.

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