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How to feel more feminine and receive more...

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

When it comes to receiving more love, money, fulfillment, you name it...stepping into our feminine energy (even as a man) can allow you to feel more fulfilled and loved. Try these suggestions from Universal Witch on for size:

Exterior Practices:

  • Wear lots of red/pink. I used to hate this color. But... when we see red and pink we can’t help but think girly. It makes you feel girly and think of love. Even if it’s a sweatshirt. Also attracts things to you. Highly visible color. A womxn in her divine feminine isn’t afraid to be seen. Look at Spanx! Sarah Blakely openly talks about how she built her business on her feminine strengths. Their main color is red. When I don’t want to be so bold about it I wear a lot of soft rose and cream colors

  • Soulmate vision board. Makes you feel like a love-struck teenage girl again! Speaking to soul mate in the quantum field. Telling them about my day, hoping they had a good day. Sounds crazy but this is so so much fun! You can connect to their higher self from your highest self! 

  • Textures!!! Verrrrryyy feminine. My whole bed is silks, fur, fluffy pillows, velvet. All the sensual textures. Same with clothing. I’ve started paying close attention to the fabrics I wear. 

  • Building a bedroom where I feel at ease and there is flow. Not a cluttered bed where I sleep on half because books and laptops are on the other half. Again, luxurious! And creating flow and space. 

  • Roses, flowers everywhere in my room and house. 

  • Crystals!!!! Rose quartz EVERYWHERE ! Or really anything you think is pretty! Also moonstone is very powerful for channeling divine feminine. I wear like 3 moonstone bracelets. Strawberry quartz is good too! I believe white jade is another one that I have a Mala out of. 

  • Social media is a great place to find women truly stepping into their divine feminine. I’m not talking about pretty Instagram photos I’m talking about women like Noelle Downing who embrace allll their curves and their focus isn’t on a massive statement or for her not even teaching divine feminine, she just is! Hunter McGrady is another one. 

Internal practices:

  • Receiving: our bodies were literally a vessel for receiving! How fun is that. I’m really loving my new receiving practice of writing everything I receive down. And feeling way less blocked on my left side. 

  • Our masculine side is the “doing” side. I am always trying to do do do. When I was dating in Dubai I had very little time for a guy to fit in for a date/call, anything, it was also avoiding being alone. So I’ve started leaving days open now. Not to date per say, but to enjoy wherever the day takes me. Being in go with the flow feminine energy excited with whatever happens that day. 

  • What things do you usually laugh at as being too girly? Do those. We usually laugh at them because we are resistant to them often because we are uncomfortable with “being girly.” Do the nails, get the blowout, take a bath, get a makeup lesson at Sephora or Nordstrom counters. Example: I used to hate hearts. Anything with a heart on it I was physically adverse to. Now... bring on allllll the hearts. Love love love baby! It’s important to note that this isn’t to attract men. This is to tap into feminine energy. I have gotten so much closer with my girlfriends after doing more of this and it’s not even things I do with them. 

  • Do something that makes you feel feminine. For me it’s making myself look good every day. Again, nothing to do with catching a man/woman or wearing 6 inch heels or anything like that. When I take time I’m putting myself together, even if it’s making my hair presentable as I run out the door with no make up and yoga clothes on I feel more feminine. Notice I put this under internal instead of external practice. 

  • Practice Making eye contact with men. Receive their glance. Empowered feminine doesn’t shy away from masculine energy, it matches it. 

  • Self Breast massage. Holy crap was this a game changer for me!!! You get massages to work out tension on on all the rest of your body. Guess what, there is muscles and stuck tissue ALLLL under there blocking energy and heart chakra. There are more detailed practices on this as far as direction, added breathing techniques, etc. but to start all you need is a little coconut oil. You will find the knots in the tissue the same way you do in shoulders. Don’t be afraid to embrace the discomfort to work through them and tears are often a satisfying release with this one. 

  • While we’re on the topic of massage. A pleasure practice. Yup! But here is what has been crucial for me, no fantasy of men or especially memories of ex’s to “get you there.” This is where we go back to embracing sensation. Only focusing on exactly what YOU are doing that makes YOU feel good. Pro tip: don’t go straight at it. Start my touching your whole body! You have to connect with YOU again in the most feminine way possible to connect to another. 

  • Yoni eggs (to be used within a vagina only from the research we've done): So it’s a crystal egg (yoni) that you place in your vagina and there are many practices that go with this. I’m only just now learning. For me starting out with it I started with meditating and using breath squeezing on inhale and releasing on the exhale. My friend Ann Marie does a whole initiation on this that is really powerful and the retreat I’m going to in May. Most start out with Jade but I was called to rose quartz and smoky quartz. I would highly recommend her for a podcast.

  • Stop saying “I’m not a girly girl” or anything similar. Limiting words create how we see ourselves. 

NOTE: when all of these practices are put in place I start manifesting all over the place. 

  • Ecstatic dance. Just free flowing with music in the house. For a more feminine practice I recommend putting on really flowy music without words. Just allowing fluid music to sway hips arms etc. especially hips (I can’t do this often in my house since I live with two dudes so I can’t wait until next month!!!!)

  • Moon blood: ok so Disclaimer I don’t do this,  it’s a bit outside my comfort zone still but “moon blood” practices are a thing many of my circle friends use. Yup... whatever you collect in your diva cup! You can use on plants in the house or the latest I heard was using it for a face mask. Collecting it in a small mason jar and putting it in the fridge then using as a mask. To be fair the womxn I know who do this have some of the best skin I’ve ever seen.

  • Who is that girl you know that just exudes femininity and things just seem to be attracted to her. Money, business, anything. Take note... maybe even ask her what her daily routine is? Try some of it on for size. 

Pre-date or date rituals:

  • take yourself on a date first so you are filling in receiving and not in doing when on the date. You have already had a lovely date of “doing” for yourself, now you can just enjoy letting the man step in with his divine masculine and add to your already fabulous date. I cannot tell you how much this changed my dating game!! 

  • Do NOT go on dates straight after work unless you meditate or do something to clear all the DOING mode you have been in all day. When you show up to the date still in masculine work mode you are meeting masculine with masculine. I am guilty of this. I alway pre-date meditate. Gabby Bernstein has some good dating meditations. 

  • The power of touch. Ooooooh man! Several of the most connected experiences I have had in a “sexual” way didn’t involve our clothes even off. And I’m not talking private parts either. Touch, feel, explore his arms, chest, back, with your hands. Funny enough since I started doing this no guy has ever tried to push me further than I wanted, which was very common for me before this! And they have ALWAYS matched the practice! Plus you get to explore to see how gentle or not gentle someone is and you can get a sense of how you connect physically before clothes even come off 

  • Before the date do a yoni egg practice. Put it in and put on a sexy song and swaaaaaay those hips. Like the sexiest 90’s R&B, pussy cat dolls or whatever floats your boat, sexiest dance you can think of! Do it before the date! Prime yourself and get those hormones flowing! (Seriously this has never failed to get me a second date) can be done without the egg and also before any event where you just want to attract people... think networking, night out, etc. Ann Marie has an even more detailed practice on this that I use from her initiation.  

  • We store some serious trauma in the yoni. And we also absorb energy from our partners (Linda hard not to when you’re literally connected). Clearing this with yoni egg practices is pretty powerful. There are also yoni massages performed by someone else. This is not sexual and not designed for climax. Again, I have not personally done this but it’s getting more common. Onna Lifestyle and The Yoni Empire are great accounts to follow. It’s my dream to have her on the Universal Witch podcast. 

  • Sacral chakra work: yoga poses for this: goddess pose, reclining butterfly, side facing wide legged forward fold. Womb clearing meditations. Womb clearing is really great for releasing energy from past lovers too. 

  • Moon rituals: In Ukrainian tradition women bathe naked in the ocean on the full moon. If you aren’t Near the ocean a bath works. 

  • Researching and learning about the Goddesses! Soooo empowering. I discovered an amazing new one a few weeks ago I’m obsessed with! 

Take one or them all and see what works for you. For more information, please contact Katie or Universal Witch for support and love.

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