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I couldn't believe most of this has already come true...

I found a note I wrote to myself in my business plan in May 2019, it read:

I want to make my recovery my purpose and my life's work. To learn and grow, to be kind, vulnerable, and intentional, and I want to be of service to others

I want to complete my life's work by being near the ocean to read, to write, to converse, journal, reflect, co-create, laugh with friends, coach, podcast, and be coached in a warmer climate.

Presenting fireside chats, keynote, 1-to-1 private coaching, small group coaching, create and be on others Podcasts, speak at Corporations, and be a NY Times Best selling author; having revenue coming in as a result of the book Generate multiple revenues streams.

I want all this without compromising my recovery, my time with my family friends and my time alone Staying positive. Feeling my feelings and having happy thoughts, dreams and realities.

Dear God,

I dream a dream I'd wish you'd fulfill - one where I believe and see what others see in me. Beauty when I'm relaxed, confidence when I lack trust, trust when I doubt, and wisdom when I Doubt.

I believe in you. I believe that when I dream that all things are possible that you will ensure all that is within the highest good will appear

I ask to see my lack as abundance

My doubt as clarity

My distrust as trust

My dis-ease with ease

I want a home to call my own when I live in a home I can call home

I want a fulfilling job when I have a job that can be fulfilling when I act as if

I want $ to come into my bank account when I have$ in my bank account

I want a love that's safe and secure when I have a love that's safe and secure

Incredible to think this was less than a year ago. There have been so many times that I have doubted that I've made progress. I write often what I want for myself and here's proof that it is already coming true.

Mind is blown!

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