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I see it now...

Writing in my sun-filled office; white, pink, yellow and gold splashes with wood elements and some greenery. It's an inviting and creative space.

I've been seeing money pouring into my bank account from writing, my book, speaking events, and online courses.

Oprah, The Goop, and Brene reached out to schedule time to book our time together - we're talking about love addiction.

Mat's in the kitchen prepping lunch for us and dinner for our friends tonight - it'll be a warm night with a slight breeze - so perfect for sitting outside where we can smell the ocean from our farm table.

It's Mexican tonight! Fresh everything and lots of laughs.

My job feels easy and natural - no stress or fear of what'll be, who will read it or if it'll be profound because I know it's to be true because it comes from my heart.

April, July, August and December are fun months where there's more than enough money and support to take time off to create, laugh and play by traveling, relaxing and enjoying.

Wherever I am (looks like Cali), it's a beautiful 75 degrees out with the sun shining. I've taken a break from writing to paddle with a girlfriend, who I'll invite to join us for dinner tonight - Erin and Magda are in town with their families.

It feels so good to be outside, in the sun, in my bikini - my arms are strong. I am pain free and energetic.

I offer for her to use our outdoor shower while I kick my feet up on the deck with an easy summer read. My salty and sandy body are ready for an outdoor shower, once she heads out. I am so feeling so appreciative of the warm water on my skin - washing away the salt and sand. I feel so clean and grateful.

Mat gives me a kiss as I exit the shower and serves up some salmon and veggies outside on the patio. The water is perfectly still. He's smiling at me. He still looks and treats me the way he did when we met when I was 20. I love how much he loves me - it makes me love him for showing me an example of trust, kindness and confidence.

We walk the beach together because he knows that's my favorite. We make love when we get home - we lay. we laugh.

In my mind, I take a picture of this feeling. Love, joy, trust, safe...pure happiness and contentment.

He has projects to wrap before everyone arrives and I jump on a call with my business coach with the team to talk through content creation for the quarter with Chloe, Kristen, and Emily.

We're gearing up for our Love your Love enrollment in January - February; our implementation months. Since it's September (in my world because that's my favorite month of the year) we have 3 months to get the modules up and running, create a strategy then interview and travel to promote in January and February.

Kristen has scheduled podcast interviews, magazines, and online outlets. Chloe has built out a trello board for the entire social media calendar for the year with a live event in June (Summit of Love!).

It's looking like this for the year:

December: Gratitude and Rest with team while attending some personal development retreats and talking with 1-to-1 coaching clients.

January: Promote virtual group program Love your Life

February: Announce enrollment (for 2 weeks only)

March: Launch Love your Life with live component and prep for Summit of Love

April: Gratitude and Rest with team in prep for Summit of Love

May: Announce tickets on sale (for 2 weeks only)

June: Summit of Love live event

July and August: Gratitude and Rest with time while working closely with my 1-to-1 coaching calls

September: Book tour, coaching Calls and Creativity month to spark fresh ideas with the team and attend some personal development retreats

October: Book tour and Free training's in prep for Killer Confidence

November: Killer Confidence Masterclass & Virtual Bundle

December: Rest & Gratitude

We're always creating content first quarter ahead, it's prepped and read to roll out. Our business profitable year after year. Clients pay me naturally and easily for my work and it this schedule and wealth feels calm, trusting, safe, and in sync with my purpose for helping women overcome love addiction so they don't have to feel like they have to be chosen to love themselves. Instead, they magnify the love they want from others, onto themselves.

This feels like a good balance of help, support, teaching and creativity. I find time to play, laugh and move every single day along with pray, heal and be still with myself.

I am grateful for this life I have now, which is building the foundation for the life I want. Thank you, God/Universe. Help guide me to service and to feel love from you and within.

In Health and Happiness,

- KG

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