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Living Your Life Purpose

This week on the Anything for Love Podcast, I spoke with Nicole Kalil. Nicole is a Speaker, Coach and the Host of the “This Is Woman’s Work” podcast.

Her purpose and life's work is to ensure women have equal opportunity to reach their full potential. Her goal is the next generation of women will face fewer obstacles personally and professionally. An important message for both men and women to hear. The conversation and platform she creates to help women exude the kind of confidence that lies within is one of the many reasons why I found our chat to be so meaningful.

Join us as we talk about: ++ her take on how to figure out what your life purpose could be. ++ defining what having it all looks like for you? ++ what you "should" and "shouldn't" do to chase your passions. Take a listen to the podcast HERE and let me know your thoughts!

Follow along with Nicole on her IG account @nicolemalil or listen to her podcast HERE!

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