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Love Feels Good

On Garrett Wood's podcast: DARE TO MOVE, I was asked "why do you think people love love?

My response: "It just feels so good! People want to see one another happy."

I truly believe this as it's clear from my Instagram account that my friends like posts with the beau, more often than not. As the "I can't believe you're still single" chick, the love bubble - as I call it - does feel good now that I'm in l-o-v-e, but I've come to learn, it's not the end all be all.

Growing up, I learned LOVE from another; friends, family, men; was essential to feeling whole and good enough. Striving to be the most admired and lovable set me up for failure as I based my identify, for a long time, on who liked me and who didn't.

If you didn't - ugh, it'd feel like nothing I did mattered anymore. I'd over-analyze every thought, feeling, action until I could pin-point just what went wrong then replay the situation over and over and over. IT WAS EXHAUSTING!!!!!

I'd do this with boyfriends, prospects, clients, name it. It caused me a tremendous amount of distrust in who I was and confusion as to who I wanted to surround myself with.

They say with age comes wisdom and what I've learned through practice and experience is this:

to be happy...truly happy...I have to follow my heart. I will not say the right thing or do the right thing every-time, instead, I strive to be kind to myself, trust in others, and build relationships that truly nourish my soul.

The rest will follow.

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