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Love takes practice.

How can we go from: you’re hot to sleeping together to awkwardly getting up from sleeping together then resuming back to life before you were hot.

Oh & let’s not forget: magically starting to invest all your time into calling, texting, hanging out, sleeping together, meeting friends, sleeping together, going away for the weekend for the first time, sleeping together (did I mention sex?)

Then POOF: I’m not good with this whole fallin’ in love thing?

Well, my friend, when we’re jumping into the sack too quickly? (I sound like my nana), got a couple irons on the fire, a few notches on the ol’ belt & expect that you’ll hopelessly fall in love from 0-100, it’s no wonder you’re feeling a little confused.

Time, practice and patience are key to healthy habits when it comes to falling love.

We were all put on this earth to love and be loved, but besides your family loving you from the moment you were born, it takes us in our older (wiser) ones to get to know ya - like you would a friend.

Try something new, when the same way isn’t working any longer.

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