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Making our Dreams a Reality

Ask. Believe. Receive.

Some phrases click & just like that what you want comes true.

I’m learning more about manifesting; Money, Love, Health...

It all started with this @islandcompany shirt & sticker last summer in @marthasvineyard.

I wanted it all to come true & as I sat as a guest in this multi-million dollar home, on disability from PTSD, I felt disconnected & defeated as to how I‘d start & what I had to offer.

Fast forward a year & within 4 months of starting @theheartfiles I’ve made the same amount of $ as I had in my corporate job & I’m 30% happier since April.

Being aligned with what lights me up has created that shift. That and a belief that I can be resourceful to others who want more happiness.

Whether it’s more happiness within ourselves & our relationships, there’s no shame in admitting we have fears, doubts and insecurities. I’ve found we all have very similar ones; fear of failure, fear of being abandoned, what others think of us, and of living a boring & unfulfilling life. (Exhale!)

Not being ashamed to live a life of financial freedom while helping others has been the 1 that’s been up for me.

I work less & earn more. I worry less & impact more.

I’m asking for what I need, believing in it and receiving.

@seacoastlately is my NEVER RETURN 📷🏼spot. I was able to check the box on the others this year. I’m visualizing a home to call my own that’s light & bright in a place that feels like home: the seacoast. 

Cheers to making our dreams a reality & being happier as we wait for them to be achieved.

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