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Overcoming Isolation and Disconnection

This week on Anything for Love podcast, I talk about how to overcome the feelings of isolation and disconnection. I share 2 simple solutions that can be used during your time at home as well as when you're dating from a distance. Grab your journal and gear up to give yourself what you need to reconnect.

Have a listen HERE and see what resonates with you.

Have you snagged your spot?

Showered with Love is a free 3-day training for women who want to choose the right person to feel loved, cherished and adored - hosted by me! Are you ready to:

  • feel valued, secure and understood?

  • make decisions that make you feel good about yourself?

  • keep them interested and wanting to take it to the next level without over-extending yourself?

April 21 - April 23rd at 12p ET.

Learn how to:

  1. get the kind of love you want

  2. ask for what you need without being needy

  3. attract them with calm confidence and contentment

  4. strengthen your intuition

  5. identify red flags and choose wisely

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