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Should love really be this hard?

I asked myself this because I felt I wasn’t “good at love” like “normal people!” I'd constantly compare myself to what my friends were doing and wondering why was it that I felt so lost and confused when it came to love, even when I was in a relationship with someone. For so many years, I would attract people into my life my friends would never choose for me, most times and yet, I feared being alone so I kept:

  • flirting but it didn’t solve my unhappiness

  • pursing one relationship after another only to find they never cured my loneliness

  • trips away or buying expensive shit didn’t either neither did crying to my friends about it.

Do you want to:

  • build a safe and trusted support system around you?

  • feel more confident about your decisions in love and your life?

  • no longer give into your loneliness or someone else's dreams?

  • follow your head, heart, and gut when it comes to love and life?

Are you looking to build a better relationship with yourself and make decisions when it comes to love and your life that attract healthy and happy people? I created Love your Life a 6 week online group for for 4 women who want to feel strong, powerful and confident in love and life! Whether you're single and dating, taking time off for a bit or are currently in a relationship, this group is for you.

What you'll get over these 6 weeks:

  • (6) 90 min online live classes on Wednesdays' from 7-8:30pm starting March 26th

  • (3) private coaching sessions with me

  • (1) accountability partner

  • All calls will be recorded so you can playback what you need or want to hear

  • Support

  • Love

  • Confidentiality

  • Discretion

  • Trust

Refer a friend or apply yourself to the Love your Life before March 16th by scheduling time with me. This is an application only enrollment starting TODAY through March 16th!

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