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The World We're Going to Live In

Have you ever met someone; a perfect stranger; you get to talking and realize, you could related?

Meet my guest this week on the Anything for Love Podcast, my sister from another mister; Christin Henke.

Christin is the curator+facilitator of safe spaces for sexual healing, awakening, and expression. That's exactly what she did when I spoke on her podcast, Nothing Confidential. We became fast friends!

While she normalizes the shameless dialogue around female sexuality and pleasure on her podcast - this week, we kept it PG as talked about the world we're about to step into when our doors re-open.

From our fear of missing out during this time indoors to one of her favorite phrases: "what you're meant to have - won't pass you by!"

She seriously kicks ass and offers a great exercise (grab your journal) that made me say "This is so good, Christin!"

Your love means a lot to us so please subscribe, rate, and leave a review on the episode as to what spoke to you. Tag us on IG with a screen shot after you've listened @kg.katiegrimes and @christin.henke!

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