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Since we're friends, you can call me KG or katiegrimes (one word) - that's what everyone who knows me best calls me!


I am a Relationship & Alignment Coach for women to spiritual women of all backgrounds. As a digital course creator, thought leader on the subject of emotional sobriety, and host of the Anything for Love Podcast, I mentor other women to trust their intuition and be guided to make miraculous shifts in their thoughts, feelings, and life experiences.


As one of the Yahoo! Top Dating Coaches of 2021, it is my intention to increase the number of emotionally empowered women in the world. When women, like us, drop the guilt around our desire to have, receive, and attract more love in our lives, we change the world and let love in.


  • I love Hip Hop music (1990's-2000's are classic) and am a really good dancer.  Expect to bust a move with me now and again.

  • I'm accepting of all bodies and backgrounds. Love is love here and I pride myself on creating a safe space for everyone.

  • I'm recovering from Sex & Love Addiction and I believe many relationships fail because one or both partners has some form of love addiction.  This is also what's missing from the curriculum of other dating coaches. CLICK HERE to learn more about love addiction.

  • I'm recovering from growing up with dysfunction/addiction and believe learning about it can increase your happiness.

  • I recently moved to Portsmouth, NH but the West Coast (California in particular)  is calling my name! Spirituality and Sunsets are my jam! 

If you're feeling like something is off in your life and are frustrated because you've been working on yourself, you're in the right place.


It could be that you're needing to heal from people pleasing, codependency or love addiction and the good news is they are easy to heal if you're willing.


Have you ever found yourself saying things like:

  • Why do I keep attracting the wrong people or jobs?

  • Are all the good ones taken?

  • Maybe something’s wrong with me?

Do you find yourself:​

  • jumping into relationships too quickly then feeling needy, anxious or lonely?

  • trying to get attention from others and caring more about what they think?

  • setting boundaries than breaking them to avoid “feeling bad?”

Been there, sister.  But I've healed, and so can you. 


  1. Private Coaching - This is a great option if you want individualized support and attention, plus, an all-access pass to me, my courses, and first dibs on the Summit of Love tickets. I only take on 6 people, at a time, and an application is required before we commit to coaching together. Just click the button below to apply!

  2. Aligned CEO Mastermind - For my aligned entrepreneurs - If your goal is to make $20,000 or more per month, consistently, and run your company in a way that's best for you - by thinking thoughts, feeling feelings and taking actions that inspire you - this Mastermind is for you.  You'll be surrounded by a group of like-minded, supportive female business owners plus you'll have 1:1 access to me over 6 months as you take your business to the next level!

  3. Self-paced courses - So many options, if you're ballin' on a budget or want to go at your own pace as you focus on love and your business. From Let Love In to learning How To Date and Overcome Your Loneliness ! If you're down to start a business and are a New CEO, there's also a course for that, too! 

Jackie Tempera

Katie has a great way of empowering people to chase their dreams, and reminding you that it gets to be easy. 

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Sarah Yudkin

In the span of 6 months, I went from doubting myself to stepping into my role as a coach. I went from having no clients to working with 16 clients throughout my time with Katie.

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Emily Wiswell

There's so much to be said for having a support system...knowing that I can go somewhere for advice without shame, frees me up to do all the amazing things I was meant to do in this life.

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