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We hardly know them and yet, we trust fully in the hopes of feeling good.

Becoming sexually involved with someone too early was...shall we say “frowned upon” & it didn’t stop most of us from sleeping with someone first because they were hot & then figuring out if we liked one another like that.

It led to a lot of overanalyzing & (cough) tears (cough). How come they aren’t acting as we want them to?

What’s their deal?

Did we say or do something to have them change their minds?

Why are they still talking to someone else?

Why is it they are acting not available when they were like 2 days ago?

We’d attach to this idea that maybe by sleeping with them first, we could build a romance.

One that would lead to love.

One that would put all our fears of being alone to bed.

No pun intended eh?

One that would lead to feeling happy and fulfilled so we could pursue other passions.

Boundaries around sex, where we stand, or flirtation are...difficult for lack of a better word.

Will pushing back firmly with a No cause backlash of what’s to come from this potential relationship, with mutual friends or within our job even?

It comes down to fear of others opinions of us and knowing we can flex the muscle of practicing to listen to our voice, regardless of the outcome.

Trusting our intuition to know how we treat others & how we want to be treated.

A “simple” rule & yet, difficult to follow when our feelings want to seek all the good feelings that love brings with it.

Interrupting the thought pattern by physically moving can be a start to begin practicing follow our intuition. It’s hard to try something new, but it’s easy when being truly happy is the outcome.

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