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What Candy & Aspirin Won't Fix...

If we only felt joy, happiness & excitement we would never know when something doesn’t feel right.

Our mind knows first then our body.

  • the aches

  • the pains

  • the sleepless nights

They all add up to exhaustion.

No amount of candy, aspirin, & weekends away will solve for how unfulfilled we feel.

I know you want to be in love. I know it feels like it’ll never happen for you, if it hasn’t happened by now.

There’s faith in knowing that he’s on his way to you, but first, you must make room for him to love you.Pay off that debt.Accept yourself for who you are not who you should be.Trust in yourself & others.Be secure without the security of someone telling you, you’re enough.

These take practice.

Our minds don’t want to feel pain so we’ve developed habits to avoid feeling disappointed & hurt again.

I’ll help you love you can love you.

Someone loved me when I couldn’t love myself & then I taught another women.

And another.

And another.

Then she taught another.

Who taught another.

4 years we stand knowing we are loved; by ourselves & others; without expectation.

The time is now. Walk to the edge & surrender to have faith no matter what.

I promise you, you won’t regret diving in and you don't have to do this alone.

When I changed my mindset around love and all that I expected of it, I changed my life. I got what I desired free of feeling as though I'd get hurt again.

I’m so grateful she taught me to love myself so I can teach you how to love you.

For time with Katie: click HERE

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