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What it means to Work

Did you know that Labor Day is a day to give thanks to the contributions we have all made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country?

When I think of “WORK” I think about my own discomfort of trying to find my way in life; in love, in the corporate world or my relationship to money.

The WORK I do everyday; listening, sharing, & learning to strengthen the little voice in my head that fears not being good enough to have the love, career, money that I want.

The voice fears being alone, feeling pain and failing. It’s with positive thoughts, having faith & belief that we can be happy, and sharing our truth with others that our fears get quieter.

We can’t do the work of following our hearts and being happier if we're working more, eating more, flirting more, drinking more...distracting ourselves.

When we do the WORK to become healthier, we make more money to do what we love with who we love.

We attract great friends and partners to enjoy this life with.

We put our phone down & show up when it’s time.

The WORK leads to deeper connections with self, others & the universe to design content that helps people have more belief & certainty in live a life they want and makes them happy.

We WORK on being healthier everyday to follow our hearts.

Thanks to the WORK you all do to strive to follow your hearts and I’m thankful for my contribution to doing the WORK because we all aspire to live a life we love, unapologetic



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