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What our fears are telling us...

Self doubt is sneaky, appearing when you least expect it. Whether we're celebrating a long weekend, kids going back to school, a new relationship or job, it can creep in and smack you straight in the forehead. It appears in the shallow breaths and frantic efforts to do more and more and more, rather than sit still and say what's really going on with me.

When our pulse is racing to drive us to question our actions, beliefs and the what ifs, we want to feel good, to feel happy and to live an easy stress-free life.

When we grow and change, our "itty bitty shitty committee" can scream out "STOP! They're going to doubt you, you're going to be left and forgotten."

Fear of Rejection

Fear of Abandonment

Fear of Failure

Ugh! Okay...fine, we'll listen not liking any of that. They have something to say all driven my pain and confusion from past experiences. We're reminded that yes "the stove is hot" to prevent getting burned, but it doesn't mean we will repeat our past and experience deep pain and sadness like we once did.

Instead, we chose to reflect alone or with a trusted friend that it's okay to let this voice be heard with a gentle reminder that you can have faith no matter what you do. You will learn something whether you make one decision or another.

More money

Meaningful love

Many clients to support

Whatever your heart is calling you to have

If you friends, fun or followers change, it'll all be to steer you on course for what uncertainty is to come. A friend, whose life was completely changing, said optimistically to me:

"There's so much uncertainty right now. I'm so excited to see what happens!"

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