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When I want to change...where do I start?

On this week’s episode of the Anything for Love Podcast, I chat with Raya Al-Hashmi, Brand Photographer, about where to start when we want to change. Whether it's starting our own business, getting sober, having a better relationship with ourselves or others. Have a listen to hear Raya's take on where to start...when you want to make a change. Last year, ⁣I heard Raya speak about creating a business she loves at a local conference - where she also mentioned she was sober from drugs and alcohol. I walked up to her afterwards and asked if she'd meet for coffee. I told her why... That day she shared her story, it gave me the courage to speak my truth about becoming sober, outside of the 12-step rooms I had previously walked into. That I also had this idea of creating a business and conference focused around feeling fulfilled in love and in our relationships.

As our friendship has evolved over the past year, I began to feel more comfortable with this idea of moving to Portsmouth (where her and her partner have built a community). I knew if I surrounded myself with them and other like-minded people, I was going to be alright taking this next leap into building a life I love. Here's what I snagged from this week's episode: - Are you doing things that dim your light? -If we are born with everything we need - what does it say about our dependence on that "thing" that is so vital to our existence (sex, sugar, alcohol, worthiness through work, etc.)? -Start with pulling back 1 layer that you can change and still be a functioning human...then move to the next. Through her businesses Raya on Assignment and People of Portsmouth, she spreads an energy of light and love throughout her community by capturing the essence of others. Her portrayal of Entrepreneurs, Corporations, Coaches, Leaders, Creatives, + Online Based Businesses through photography is a gift that I believe is enhanced because of who Raya is. She is simply...a great person. To learn more about Raya, to listen to her podcast Behind the Assignment, and to work with her to capture the best sides of you (you see what I did there?) Click HERE. Have a listen to the podcast and see what resonates with you. Subscribe, rate, review and snap a photo of the episode and be sure to tag us on Instagram! @kg.katiegrimes and @rayaonassignment

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