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When we become healthier...

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Nurturing, Caring and Uplifting—the advice I was given when it comes to choosing friends. When we heal, our relationships begin to change shape to bring in more of what we need. It can feel so lonesome & discouraging when our friends begin to fade away. Leaving us feel more alone than when we started the journey to have healthier thoughts and behaviors, which is confusing. When our friend slowly start to not call as much or hang out as often, it can leave us questioning ourselves and our need for growth. Are we the crazy or is so and so not calling back?

What takes shape as friends come or in this case go is a new way of living; a grounded, less reactive place where we feel sadness because we mourn the times that we laughed so hard with that person and we try to forgive/ forget the painful times, remembering, wow...there were quite a few times that person didn't make me feel good about myself.

The change allows for new chances to take form whether it's new interactions, creative ideas, or work opportunities. The void we feel lessens as we become more fulfilled and inspired to continue on this path to feel good and we remember more happiness is coming our way...even in between each tear that hits our cheeks.

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