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There’s always more than enough.

Choosing to know there's always more than enough.

It can be easier to focus on what someone isn’t doing well, why that deal won’t close, what trip we haven’t taken or what car we want to drive rather than the one we do.

Fearing what will happen is common.

As uncertainty, fear and doubt creep in, consistently practicing positive thoughts stops that negative flow of I want.

How do you PAUSE before taking action?

  • What’s your fear?

  • Where does it’s come from?

  • Is what you assume will happen, happening?

Can you change your thoughts to focus on a positive outcome rather than the one that’ll hurt the most? More $, travel, love...whatever it is...when we resist without the PAUSE to acknowledge & accept it, the fear finds a way in.

Without the answers to those questions - trying to get rid of the fear with action alone can be useless because that baby comes back; harder & faster.

Building that PAUSE takes time & patience. Until then: There’s always more than enough.

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