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Is Your Period Making You Crazy?

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Let me start by saying that I am crazy, but not THAT crazy. Like Kenny Chesney says "We're all here, but we're not all there!" ya know what I'm saying?

I've been sharing my journey of cycling syncing and how my period is impacting everything I do, in both positive and negative ways on social media and with clients. I've been getting so many DM's...I thought best to share more here.

I just started learning about cycling syncing from Meg Gerber and Ash McDonald, but know enough to help you have some major ah-ha moments and more compassion than ever before for yourself.

I think you all can relate to these crazy thoughts, first...

I started to notice a few years back, at the suggestion of my coach, that I should monitor my moods because some weeks and months I am riding sky high and other times, the depression, anxiety and dare I write (suicidal thoughts would pop up).

I have been to countless doctors at some of the best hospitals in the world who shared that I didn't have an food allergies and that I likely had "chronic fatigue syndrome" when I was 25 years old.

Can someone say: "go f*ck yourself!"

Because that's pretty much what I said. I knew something was wrong, so I kept on keeping on with medical records in hand. Since then, I've been to countless others, but here are the 3 that moved the needle for me and have me on track to feeling my best.

Here's what I learned by going to these 3 functional medicine doctors:

  1. Dr. Wendi Trubow and Dr. Edward Levitan = I have food allergies (like big time, no joke, food allergies)

  2. Dr. Frances Bernard = my gut is highly inflamed from taking so many antibiotics when I was a kid with ear infections and that's why mood is out of whack. What I eat and what toxins I come in contact with impact my mood (even that new car smell or gasoline).

  3. Meg Gerber, Function Nutrition= the bloating, fatigue, mood swings (happy to crying to in my car because I doubt myself) is directly related to a number of bad bacteria eating away the good bacteria in my gut so it's literally making my brain think that I'm in fight or flight mode (hence, the self doubt and sleep nights due to bad dreams). That's for a later post, but I did a blood test at my local primary care's office, just because I needed the blood work, and then Meg read the results.

PS. My primary said "everything looked good" while Meg called and said "we have answers to why you feel so bad. Nothing that we can't fix so we'll talk more in your appointment about to heal your gut!"

Did you just read that red flag like: "WTF! I thought your doctor said everything was fine?" Yep, my doctor like your doctor has been trained to look at base level and not 5 levels deep like a functional medicine or naturopath. Point of that story - find a functional medicine/naturopath ASAP.

Now, onto your period and why you might think you're going crazy, but it's just your period.

Sure, we know it's your hormones are dictating how we are feeling, but did you know that there are certain things you can say or do during each week leading up to your period that will make you feel like a million bucks?

Shoutout to Meg Gerber and Ash McDonald to helping me understand this better.

If we treat ourselves this good within each of these weeks, it helps our partners and loved one's support us as well.

Week 1 - Menstrual (when you get your period) - you get to be extra lovey dovey towards yourself

  • this is a time to turn inward with journaling, candles, and time with yourself

  • it's a time to ask for help and schedule self-care to honor rest and time alone

  • acknowledge that you're hormones are depleted (that's why you have low energy)

  • take naps and use lubrication if having sex or masturbating as you're more dry than other times in your cycle

  • your body is craving warmth during this time so sun lamps, heating pads, or warm blankets with cozy pajamas and socks are quite nice because your temperature is really low.

  • Food: Soups, smoothies and warm teas are awesome during this time. Your body is working hard, don't add eating hard foods (tough meat or ice cream to the mix) otherwise, it'll make your period last longer and can effect you for 3 months!!! (Did you read that! 3 months!)

  • Movement: yoga is a great exercise or walking (anything low key as you have lower energy)

Week 2 - Follicular (time between the first day of the period and ovulation)

  • hooray! you have wayyyy more energy and a greater capacity to handle life and other people's life or bullshit (haha)

  • Greater time for new experiences (both personally, professionally, and sexually) Have at it, sister! There are other times new experiences are not great, but trips, restaurants, etc. are a GREAT time to try!

  • If you're going at it in the bedroom, still a great time to use lubrication as you may still be a little dry because of your hormones and it can be that sex is painful as a result so use some from that tube of lube : )

  • Salad's are great to eat as you may not be as hungry this week. Don't force feed during this time.

  • Head out for that run, strength training or HIIT (high intensity) workout

Week 3 - Ovulation Phase (you can get pregnant during this time)

  • common to have more bloating, ache, anxiety, depression due to estrogen dominance

  • you're biologically programmed to want to have more sex and you're likely going to be trying to send a sexy text or have some sex dreams because your body is "prepping to make a baby"

  • It's a time to be more social with your loved ones and you'll find your partner more attractive (other phases, not so much)

  • crave more juices, smoothies, and eat as many raw vegetables as possible and vegan, if you can, so you can watch your estrogen in take

  • Workout: intuitive movement (a mix of cardio or HITT at the beginning of cycle when you have more energy then slower movement towards end as your hormones begin to change).

Week 4 - Luteal Phase (the week before your period)

  • you may feel more critical of yourself and others due to hormones shifting in prep for menstrual phase

  • Great time to finish projects or do projects with your loved one

  • Great time to get organized with or without partner

  • Minimize stress as possible and protect relationship rather than trying to dive into relationship stuff.

  • you may have more energy in the beginning of this phase and less at the end.

  • Workout: intuitive movement, likely strength training so you can move slower in preparation

  • Food: you'll crave complex carbs (vitamin B is needed)

How cool is this?

When I started to pay attention to my cycle, this month, it helped me be more patient with myself. Rather than forcing myself to do a HITT workout because my app is offering that today, I looked at my cycle and said, I think yoga would feel best. I've replace the shame of not doing what I think I "should" do with calm, confidence that I can do or not do other things to help my body rest when it needs it.

Ash is coming on my podcast, Anything for Love, in the coming weeks so be sure to have a listen and look out on Instagram for an announcement.

Feel free to leave a comment below and I'll respond to any questions you may have?

In Health & Happiness,


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