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Lust vs. Love

The difference between lust and love


💋fantasizing about how life will be with them - without knowing them

💋feel like you know them because you two have texted everyday for a solid 2 weeks

💋thinking about having sex or having sex without being able to communicate your needs to them

According to a study describe in “If the Buddha Dated,” when you think someone is hot, hormones rapidly produce that are yelling “make a baby! make a baby” This is true for men, too!

So no wonder why were wanting to rip one another’s clothes off when we “think” the “connection is strong”

It’s an uncontrollable urge that takes over, but if you’re goal is to have a truly strong connection with someone, whom you actually know and want to see if you can love them not just lust them, then remember that your baby making brain is playing tricks on ya and pump the breaks.

The #1 thing I’ve done when I’m mid-clothes rip off, too soon, is start laughing and suggest we “get out of here.”

It’s the most emotionally sober thing you can do!

Love on the other hand

💕 Forms when you’ve spent months getting to know the person you’re attracted to - you accept their quirks and what makes them so great

💕 At the beginning, you feel they can do no wrong and do just about anything to make them feel loved and over time, you continue to put that level of attention and acceptance into your relationship

💕 Shared experiences, even if you’re sitting on the couch snuggling in. The amount of sex you have will fade over time, in my experience, but the desire to find what attracts you to one another and choosing things to be grateful for, daily, will make the sex that much better when you two are wanting to express your love in that way

What’s resonating from what I’ve shared about my experience?

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