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What if you go down a different path?

4 years ago I asked myself: what if you go down a different path, will it lead to greater results?

I was boy-crazy! Guys & sex were all I could think & talk about!

I’d do anything for love; over-analyzed texts from guys with my friends, lost sleep & sadly, friends. So I tried harder.

  • out all the time in my highest heels (the higher the heels the closer to God, right?!).

  • cancelled plans with friends to hang with the one who paid attention to me.

  • found any excuse to insert his name into any story.

Committed relationships didn’t solve the unhappiness and loneliness, no matter how great the guy was. I realized I needed to change that I couldn’t keep living like this.

I was ADDICTED TO LOVE. To learn what Love Addiction is: click here.

I wanted a magic pill to stop feeling bad. After the shame and guilt passed using 12 step recovery, what I got was:

  • being able to sit longer periods of time by myself, with my feelings, without going cuckoo.

  • friendships bonded by healing our souls & attracting a life we love.

  • faith in a higher power to help me follow my heart and intuition.

  • loving myself - quirks and all.

  • showing up for loved ones with clarity, compassion and consistency.

  • becoming CEO of my own company helping women give themselves the love they want from others.

I got more than I imagined was possible, but it was hard because I made it hard. I didn’t want to admit I couldn’t do it alone. I wanted to know now, what life’s supposed to be like so I could feel better.

I still do sometimes, but healing the shame of how things should have gone and should be is how I continue to work on embracing quiet confidence and happiness. It’s working.

By taking the time to explore and heal what hurts, you may just learn that if you follow your heart, the rest will follow.

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